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Interior Designing
Designing your space Elements of Design Design Principles

Interior Designed HomeInterior Designing is the blend of artistic talents and creativity. Design encompasses a number of different fields. It can be mainly divided into four i.e., Fashion designing, Product designing, Graphic designing and Interior designing. Fashion designing deals with clothing and textiles, product designing with designing the products and graphic designing deals with designing for websites, movies, logos, signage, etc. Interior designing is the arrangement of living space i.e organizing, managing and planning of the interiors of rooms at homes, offices, retail shops, showrooms, hotels, airports, exhibition halls, conference centers, theatres, TV and film studios and commercial establishments etc. The objective of designing space is to achieve functionality and to create the right kind of atmosphere for the right budget. Interior designing as a specialization became popular only in the last few years.

In interior design, industrial design, and architecture, the term describes all of the decisions that determine how a particular object,space, or building,will be. It can also be described as determination of form ,with form understood to  mean every aspect of every quality, including size,shape, structure, material, texture, and color,that makes one particular physical reality different from any other. When we speak of a house, a living room, an office, an automobile, a chair, or a desk, we call to mind an item that contains certain general characteristics, and that serves certain useful purposes, but the word tell us nothing of the specifics that make a particular house, living room,office, unique. It is design differences that make one house different from another, and that also allow us to speak of one example as better or worse than another.

Earlier architects would do all the design work, both exteriors and interiors themselves. Of late people have become more conscious of the design, layout and placement of their interiors, for offices, factories as well as residences. This has opened the door for a large number of professional interior designers. Most interior designers specialise in a particular area. For example, some may concentrate on business design, while others focus on residential design and landscape designing. Still others may specialize further by focusing on particular rooms, such as kitchens or baths. With a clients tastes, needs, and budget in mind, interior designers prepare drawings and specifications for non-load-bearing interior construction, this includes choice and decoration of walls, floors, roofs, choice and placement of furniture and other indoor objects, window treatments and other indoor objects, lighting and control of visual and sound effects.

In our modern ,technological world, most of us spend a major part of our lives indoors. In the nature of things, home means an indoor place -a room, an apartment, a house, a mobile home, even a trailer or a van. We study in schools and colleges, eat in restaurants, work in shops, factories, or offices. At home, where interiors should be the way we want them , limitations often lead us to settle for compromises. It sometimes seems that we are best off in an automobile or traveling on an ocean liner. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us