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Residential Interiors

Residential InteriorsMany factors come into play in formulating the design solution. There is the space itself--its dimensions and construction--with its potential and its limitations. There is how the space will be used--for work or leisure, entertainment or worship, healing or learning. There is the meaning of the space, what it signifies--be it power, authority, security, wisdom, achievement, playfulness or serenity. There are practical considerations, like ease of access, amount of light, acoustics, seating and places to store or set things down. There are health and safety considerations, attention to special needs and more.

Designers often specialize in one or more specific types of interior design. Some designers specialize in only residential or commercial (or, contract) projects, but many designers do both residential and commercial projects of various kinds.

Residential interior design focuses on the design, professional design team coordination, planning, budgeting, specifying/purchasing and furnishings installation of private homes, including the specialty areas of the kitchen, bath, home theater, home office, and custom product design. Interior projects include new construction, renovation, historic renovation and model homes, with expertise in universal and sustainable design.

Residential Interiors is more about understanding how scale and balance contribute to making a room look comfortable and inviting. It is about handling Light, whether natural or artificial; the Color and the way it is chosen and mixed, matched or contrasted to its greatest effect; and the way mixtures of Textures and Patterns can be assembled and built up. All must be taken into consideration if the design of a home is to be given a firm basis and create a lasting impression.There is a greater interest in use of Decorative Features, Plants, Lighting etc of personal choice besides the functionality. This deals more with the personalization of the occupants identity.

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Home Interior
Personal style and freedom of expression are driving forces in todays home design. Decorate means to beautify and is derived from a French word meaning the same. Yet while beautiful, self-expressive homes are wonderful, interior designers and architects have a growing responsibility to create healthy, accessible, and environmentally sensitive spaces. Home decor is a pretty broad category, consequently, the best way to refer to home decor is to give some examples of the items that constitute home décor.

How this design professionals address these issues will transform how tomorrows homes look and function. When decorating a room, there are many things to think about. Space planning, flooring, lighting, furniture, and window treatments are just a few. Youll find interesting information here about how to incorporate all of the elements of décor into your decorating project and use them to the best advantage for your space. The décor refers to different kids of patterns of design like formal décor, contemporary décor, traditional décor and modern decor.

Formal Decor
When formal décor comes in mind, we automatically refer to period homes or fine hotels. . The formal décor is also a space that is livable and comfortable. Some additional guidelines to follow include:

  • Tall windows, heavy window treatments, fireplaces and large mirrors are specifically used in this kind of décor.
  • To create a formal setting, you need to keep both lines and symmetry in mind.
  • The furniture would be arranged in a straight line inside the room and in most cases, furniture and accessories would be arranged in pairs.
  • Cloth are generally used on the walls.
  • The surfaces of furniture, floors, mirrors, and light fixtures would be polished to a bright shine with high gloss.
  • The fabrics used for bedspreads, pillows, couches, and window treatments are very luxurious and rich.
  • The use of rugs, oil paintings and crystal chandeliers are typical characteristics.

Contemporary Decor
Contemporary decor is a style that can be described as simplest of all Decors, it conveys a sense of simplicity. Neutral and earthy colours generally categorize it.

  • This kind of décor uses distinctive outline, linear patterns, geometric shapes and black as the primary colour.
  • There are striking colour patters like used of red with orange and this lies in this decor scheme.
  • The furniture has the clean and fast lines and made up of smooth fabric or leather.
  • Metal lights are generally the characteristics of this kind of décor.

Casual Decor
This particular style is very inviting and easy to maintain so very good for working family members.

  • The casual style has generally textured patterns and fabric is always soft.
  • The perfect symmetry is never there, instead there are gentle curves and rectangular shapes.
  • The furniture is arranged in diagonal lines.
  • The floors are generally wooden.
  • The lightning fixture are very unusual kinds, may be a mixture of steel, iron, glass.

Rustic Decor
This type of décor provides interest to a home while creating unique texture and warmth.

  • Rustic décor provides sophistication, charm and trend.
  • The fireplaces with polished logs and antique finish is characteristic feature of this décor. The furniture is highly textured and only few pieces should be put in a room.
  • The pillows and cushions are necessary and they should be in rust, copper or burgundy colour.
  • Rustic décor can be done by using garden benches or oak dining , ladder back chairs.
  • The paintings are also particularly that of baskets of pine cones or landscape photo.

Kitchen Interiors
Kitchen InteriorsThere is no ambience in the home more loved and lived in by all the members of the family, the best of the family , the best place to savour the pleasure of being together with all the tastes , memories and daily habits of the family . These are feelings, which need a suitable ambience, where the warmth of wood combines with the strong character of the stony materials, such as marble and granite of tabletops and the counter .

The hob also has a central position with a canopy formed by its hood, which destroys odours and fills the ambience with light at the same time. The electrical appliances are carefully concealed beneath the worktop . Function and harmony from the dominating characterstics of the present collections.

The basic concept is to finish this ambience which is the most lived in the entire family with the aim of making it a place in which it is pleasing to be together. To create , therefore , a little domestic paradise in which several people , all there together will find it easy to move about among extremely functional articles . There is no need for large spaces, but it is attractive and welcoming, perfectly in tune with the surroundings with the reminder and exaltation of stories , traditions and rediscovered family values.

The marked personality of these modern and innovative kitchens brings into the home the soothing atmosphere of colourful and lively activity. There are as many as four colours which gladden the eye and communicate a note of joyful serenity of the ambience which they furnish , creating together a happy scene.

A kitchen layout should be customised to the specific requirements and needs of the users. Hence, it is important to ascertain the individual preferences overall lifestyle and eating habits of the direct users.

Ideal Kitchen
The kitchen is probably the most used (or misused!) room in any home, requiring an efficient combination of storage spaces, working counters, seating areas and free passages. It has to be functional , practical , elegant and comfortable , all at the same time and hence , great emphasis should be laid on the overall layout design of the kitchen , especially the small (and seemingly minor ) details.

There are various practical points that must be considered and discussed before commencing the designing of a new kitchen or the modification of an existing one.

  • The style of cooking (which varies greatly due to influences of country , state , religion , health and personal choice ) would greatly influence the design and layout of a kitchen . Importance must be given to the type of materials , ingredients and mediums used as well as the appliances and working space required for that particular style of cooking .

  • A kitchen should be designed to match the preferred style of the individual user and the general décor of the rest of the house . It may be designed in a country / farmhouse , contemporary , colonial / english , laboratory , futuristic / high-tech , European / Mediterranean or ethnic style with matching decor and finishes .

  • A minimal, modular , straightlined , no-fuss work-area where the emphasis is on efficiency , workability and cleanliness . There are no wasted spaces and no unnecessary display of items or clutter . Most of the appliances are built-in and the work areas are easy to maintain and clean.

  • According to the theory, an efficient and practical kitcen layout is one where ideally the three major elements:
    - Sink/Washing area
    - Refrigerator
    Cooking range are conviniently located so that the user can work and move about easily. The distance between the refrigerator , the cooking range and the washing area should not be less than 6 meters . Full heights, fittments doors or passages should not break this working.

  • The flooring , mostly used are mosaic,ceramic tiles,marbles.Stone flooring or ceramic tiles are recommended for Indian conditions,keeping in mind the surrounding dirt and dust since the material is impermeable , hard and stin / scratch resistant.

  • The walls in most kitchens are usually painted.Good quality plastic emulsion paint for areas under the sink and near the wash area.

  • Cabinets are usually made of 19mm commercial block boards with laminate or enamel/duco paint.
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